Just before business shutdowns, social distancing guidelines and quarantine mandates began, the Lipscomb College of Entertainment and the Arts community had the opportunity to celebrate the release of the new Christian movie, I Still Believe, with their newly announced partner: Kingdom Story Company.

Taking place at the AMC Thoroughbred 20 theater in Franklin, the evening began with guests walking down the red carpet. Jeremy Camp, the real-life inspiration for this story of faith and love, posed with fans for photos alongside his family.

The film was shown in Theater 6 which was reserved solely for Lipscomb students and staff. The movie “commercials” included a display of Lipscomb CEA student talent in the form of short films, promotional videos and music videos.

Just before the opening credits, Lipscomb’s administration took the stage to announce the partnership between the production company and the CEA.

Then, Jon and Andy Erwin and Jeremy Camp took the stage to share more about the film and the process of making it. Many students were on the edge of their seats listening to what these passionate artists had to say. The producers shared their stories of humble beginnings and how blessed they felt for the success they had achieved in the industry. The wisdom which they imparted on all the young, hopeful filmmakers in the room was, “Dream big. Dream bold. Dream impossible.”

 “I feel like God has anointed this film,” Jeremy Camp said. “There are thousands of stories and the fact that they chose my story is a huge honor.”

The film was a heart-warming story of both love and faith that stands strong in the face of trial, and was based on true events from the lives of Jeremy Camp, his first wife, Melissa, and his second wife, Adrienne.

With the recent closure of Lipscomb’s campus amid the pandemic crisis, this story of facing trials with courage and celebrating new beginnings, as well as the announcement of the partnership program, both serve as a promise and a source of hope for the entire Lipscomb community that there are better days ahead.

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