2016 Lipscomb graduate Patrick Carpenter is making his own mark on the country music industry.

The communications major has a wide variety of interests — he coaches football for Franklin high school, served as the student radio sports director while in college, and he recently just returned to get his masters in education at Lipscomb.

But music is his passion. He wants to be Brad Paisley.

In July, he released his first EP on iTunes — “Coming Back Stronger,” reaching No. 13 on the Singer/Songwriter charts. Available for preorder on iTunes now, his latest single is titled “Baptized by the Whiskey.”

The inspiration for this name came after he visited Ethos church– a church that meets at the Cannery Ballroom, a bar and music venue in Nashville that many Lipscomb students attend.

One of Carpenter’s friends was baptized at this church, and, after he noticed the unique church setting, he nonchalantly commented she was “baptized by the whiskey.” A few years down the road and the ironic comment became the title of his latest single.

Music has always been a very large part of Carpenter’s life. Starting at just the young age of 11, he picked up his first guitar and started playing. But his music journey hasn’t always been easy sailing.

“I played for about a month or so, and I wanted to quit,” Carpenter said. “One night I was watching the CMT Crossroads, and I saw Richie Sambora who was the lead guitar player for Bon Jovi playing with them, and I was so impressed. He was so cool and different.”

But if Carpenter had to single out just one musical inspiration, it’s Brad Paisley.”

“I’ve always loved Brad Paisley for his humor,” Carpenter said. “I was obsessed with the ‘Mud on the Tires’ album. But when I was in middle school I never realized he was playing those guitar parts. I saw him in 8th grade and was blown away. I remember sitting down and trying to learn his licks and none of them made any sense.”

Now, Carpenter is touring and playing shows himself, including a performance on Channel 4 News last month. However, he extends his biggest gratitudes towards his band members Chance Britton and Michael Spears.

“Without these two I wouldn’t have grown as the artist I have,” he said. “They make me such a better musician.”

Recently, he’s also been playing with artists such as Kaylee Rose and Lipscomb graduate Ashlyn Grayce, in addition to his solo performances.

“I love the people I play with,” Carpenter said. “They aren’t just great musicians, but they are great people and the kind of people I want to surround myself.”

Carpenter said his main goal throughout his musical journey has been to inspire others, through the good times and the bad, just as music has helped him throughout his own life.

“My main goal with all of this is that I inspire to make music that can become the soundtrack for people’s lives. Songs that they can recall during a moment they experienced, or that helps them get through difficult times.”

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