The Lipscomb IDEAL Program used Facebook to hold its 2020 graduation ceremony.

Professors, internship supervisors, advisers and peer mentors made videos congratulating these students on their accomplishments during their time at Lipscomb.

Graduate Molly Bruns received the Miss Sunshine Award.  “She is so outgoing, social and so involved on campus. She did so well with her academics, but also made lots of new friends,” said Bruns’ adviser Sarah Roe-Hall.s.

Graduates Saul Buda and Hassun Syed’s internship supervisor, commissioner Brad Turner of the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, made an appearance in the videos as well. 

“Saul, I love when you would be in the office with me, and we would talk a little bit about sports,” said Turner. “Hassun, I used to always love when you come to my office every morning to shake hands, or give me a high five, or say hello to see how I was doing”.

Graduate Erin Campbell’s professor, Scott Sager, spoke on Campbell’s achievements at Lipscomb. 

“Your last project in the class was outstanding, and I have shown it to others to show them what good work looks like, and I want you to know how proud I am,” said Sager. 

Al Surgeon, the dean of Student Life, closed the celebration. “We are so proud of your accomplishments,” he said.

“It has been a great honor for us to watch you succeed here. You bring us so much joy. That is my prayer of blessing for you on this special day.”

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