Learning throughout life and the community are goals of Lipscomb’s Lifelong Learning program which offered socializing and signups during the Aug. 28 Kick-off Reception in the Ezell Center on campus.

The first session begins September 3 and concludes on October 7. The second session starts October 21 and runs until November 22.

This program provides senior alumni and members from all over the community opportunities to stretch their knowledge and build relationships within an affordable an cost. This program started in 2002.

“It’s really exciting today, because it’s just like the first day of school and you haven’t seen your friends since before summer, so it’s kind of like a little reunion going on today,” said Amy Hamar, director of the Lifelong Learning Program.

Hamar has played a huge role in this program the past 10 years and said she loves getting to work with the seniors of this community every year.

“It started through Patty Dugan, who was a former professor here,” said Hamar. “When she retired nine or 10 years ago she was stepping down from this position, so I was blessed enough to be able to be the one to step into it. And it has been a great opportunity ever since.

“We are excited to kick off what we think will be a great semester with classes and some wonderful professors, and we are just excited to have everyone here today.”

Hamar has played a huge role in the overall success of the program by volunteering in the years before stepping into the directing role.

“I love this program, because I am able to use it to my advantage educationally, and it allows me to form relationships within the community,” says Colleen Harris, senior alumni.

“It’s an incentive to come learn, because there are no tests and no extra assignments. I also like the variety. They offer classes that appeal to almost anyone or any interests others may have,” said Harris.

The inaugural program introduced each professor that will be teaching throughout this year’s Lifelong Learning Program and allowed alumni and other seniors to take the time to sign up for classes that range from literature and storytelling to military or history, all the way to religious facts versus theory.

Earl Lavender will be teaching about Colossians. The class title is “A Letter to a Church” with Pluralism.

John Lewis will be teaching the outdoor class of Birding Basics. Alan Griggs will be teaching about Tennessee’s wildlife.

Pat Ryan will be educating on national security in the age of transformation.

Joe Beck will be working hands-on with students and songwriting.

Bob Hooper will be talking about the men and women who have impacted Tennessee’s history.

Jessica Van Dyke with be instructing on the wrongful convictions in America.

Rob McRay and Annette McRay will be working together as mother and son to educate on the holiday of Jewish and Christian beliesf.

The American ’60s will be led by Perry Cotham.

Kay Wyatt will be leading the book club called, “As the Page Turns.”

The Lifelong Learning program also has the Travel Learning Program which is offered in the summer. The Travel Program offers the opportunity to go out into all parts of the world and re-live certain significant moments in history.

In 2018, trips included Noah’s Ark Creation Museum in Kentucky. In 2019, there will be mission trips to Cuba to take part in the “Million Bible Project.”

“We firmly believe, You are never too old to quit learning,” said Hamar.

For more information on Lifelong Learning, visit the ​website​.

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