Lipscomb, like school all around the world, has had to adapt its schedules to deal with the pandemic.

Changes had to be made to accommodate holiday breaks and also to deal with COVID-19 regulations. Earlier in the semester, university leaders decided to cancel breaks for Labor Day in September and fall break in October. There likely are more changes to come as the school and students grapple with the impact of the COVID pandemic.

“This is what we have consistently announced in the All Bisons Care plan,” said Kim Chaudoin, assistant vice president of public relations and communications.  “All classes and exams after Thanksgiving break will be virtual.”

All of the residence halls on Lipscomb’s campus will be closed from Nov. 21-28. Students will then be allowed to return to their dorms after Thanksgiving break. Any students who are unable to vacate their dorm room and go home during the break will need to have their exceptions approved by the dean of housing and residence life.

Once classes begin after Thanksgiving break, there will no longer be any in-person meetings for classes or exams. This change only applies to those who are enrolled in undergraduate classes. Students may stay at their homes or return to dorms. The ability to move around on campus will still be the same. Students will be allowed to eat on campus, leave campus, and to socialize on campus.

This is so that students who are unsure about their health after Thanksgiving break won’t have to worry about spreading or getting the virus. It will also make it so that students won’t have to spend a lot of money getting back to campus if they don’t want to.

Most universities across the country are similarly ending their in-class sessions after Thanksgiving break, in order to let students get healthy and also to keep them from bringing the virus back to campus from their scattered holiday locations.

If you are in a graduate class after Thanksgiving break, Lipscomb will leave that on a class-by-class basis, letting each professor decide what is best for their departments. It also depends on if any COVID guidelines changes before then.

As for December graduates: There is hope. The university will monitor the regional guidelines for COVID-19, but for now, is planning on having graduation in-person on Dec. 19. However, it will only be open for students and faculty, not parents .

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