Lumination’s Lindsey Nance will be moderating the SGA debate tonight at 7 p.m. in Zebi’s lounge.

SGA will be providing food for everyone in attendance.

SGA President Carson Panovec is a graduating senior, but he noted that the candidates running for offices this year are “stacked.” He said he thinks the election will be a close one, so he encouraged Lipscomb students to come out to the debate to be informed and learn about their candidates.

“The debate is an important part of the election process because it gives everyone the opportunity to be exposed to the candidates,” Panovec said. “Who they are, what they are about, and their vision for Lipscomb. It helps people to be more informed when they step up to the ballot.

“I’d encourage everyone to come out and either meet the candidates or support the one you are already behind. Plus free food, which everyone can get behind!”

The candidates running for offices this year are:

president (all students vote 1)
Ralston Drake
Sierra Sparks
vice president (all students vote 1)
Annie Moore
Jack Webber
secretary (all students vote 1)
Macy Glassco
Deanie Pedigo
treasurer (all students vote 1)
Emilee Goss
Matt Welborn
senior senator (rising seniors vote 5)
Cole Buttrey
Derris Dabbs
Hannah Fox
Ben Garwood
Cheyenne Gavin
Ben Hemby
Kelli Messmer
Andrew Nelson
Taylor Phillips
Jordan Whitfield
Hanyi Yin
junior senator (rising juniors vote 5)
Jerod Crockett
Ethan Dupuis
Jase George
Breckin Horton
Abby Myers
Luke Shoulders
Mike Thomas
Ben Vogel
Hank Warren

sophomore senator
Elliot Forst
Kase Maner
Bailey Provo
Robby Renfrow
Selvana Rouman
Tori Smith
Mimi Vance
Alena Vermillion
Dexter Woods

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