This is the last edition of LU’s GQ this semester. I wish everyone all the best in their exams and hope everyone has a relaxing summer.

Speaking of summer, are you sick and tired of sweat marks and feeling uncomfortable in the heat? Need to go to work and feel like you’re wearing a wet suit? Then worry no more, this is how to remain cool in the heat this season while still being fashionable.


Keep in mind that we are wanting to look stylish and separate from the pack of guys wearing graphic tees and frat tanks. If you read last week’s post on ‘What to Wear on a First Date?”, it explains the importance of a simple, classic and timeless tee shirt. Neutral colors are the best, however because of the heat, stick with lighter colors like white. Earth tone colors are also trending this year, so you might want to explore khaki, olive and tan.

If you’re planning to spend the whole day at the beach and then go out during the night, it is a great idea to wear a button-up shirt. The great thing about shirts is that they can be dressed up or down, in the summer I love to wear either a white or light blue button-up with contrasting shorts.

It is also important to keep in mind what material and fabrics you’re wearing. Lightweight and breathable material helps reduce sweat marks and also hides them as they can dry quickly. Linen shirts will always be a gentlemen’s classic. Just imagine middle-aged Italian men basking in the Milan sunlight while wearing linen shirts with a gelato in hand. It is fun to note that floral and pattern shirts are in trend, so see what colors work well together.


When is the last time your legs have seen the sun? A great pair of khaki shorts will always be timeless. Colors such as navy, white and tan are all you really need! However, shorts are something that can be played around with – this is fashion so it is unique to every individual to express their own personal style. Shirts are not the only clothing item that can have floral or funky patterns. Summer is all about good vibes after all.


Keep it clean. Summer is a time to stay away from really dark colors. So white shoes are great – sneakers and even sandals! Got to let the feet breathe sometimes. Loafers, espadrilles, Vans, Adidas, Stan Smith’s and other athletic brand shoes like Nike have some amazing summer shoes.


There is no need for outrageous jewelry or anything extra during the summer. All you need is three simple items: sunglasses, hat and sunscreen.

A nice pair of sunnies to protect your eyes from the harsh rays while keeping you cool. A cap or wide-brim hat for that stylish shade. And, of course, sunscreen! This is summer, people, skin cancer is real and looking after yourself is more important than how you look.

So there you have all the summer essentials you need for a great time. Remember to enjoy the weather, be active and stay stylish!

Where are you spending summer this year? Comment below!

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