“Campus Security,” “Hydro-Flask” and “Nun-of-That” all made team costume appearances at the Student Activities Board’s annual dodgeball tournament.

The event was a Halloween season hit once again, allowing the student body to come together in an epic competition for the title of dodgeball champion and a large purple trophy to show that Lipscomb pride.

The competition was heated as teams battled it out to the end slowly being eliminated in a winner-play-winner format.

“Campus Security” took on “The Mechanics” in the championship round. “Campus Security” has won the tournament two years in a row, but this year the streak ended. “The Mechanics” won the trophy for 2019.

Tyler Harvey was there to capture a gallery of all the action.

1Dodgeball HarveyP1030301 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030282 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030280 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030251 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030249 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030248 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030230 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030222 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030217 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030205 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030198 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030193 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030187 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030183 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030175 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030166 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030162 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030160 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030154 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030152 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030150 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030146 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030145 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030123 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030107 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030091 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030073 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030058 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030056 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030045 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030042 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030016 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030015 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030014 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030013 1Dodgeball HarveyP1030012 1Dodgeball HarveyP1020851 1Dodgeball HarveyP1020838 1Dodgeball HarveyP1020823 1Dodgeball HarveyP1020821 1Dodgeball HarveyP1020814 1Dodgeball HarveyP1020812 1Dodgeball HarveyP1020811 1Dodgeball HarveyP1020778 1Dodgeball HarveyP1020776 1Dodgeball HarveyP1020775 1Dodgeball HarveyP1020774 1Dodgeball HarveyP1020772 1Dodgeball HarveyP1020771 1Dodgeball HarveyP1020769 1Dodgeball HarveyP1020767


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