To celebrate the first week of classes, the Office of Community Life hosted a drive-in movie night at Woodmont Hills Church of Christ this past Friday. Despite facing some screening challenges during the film, the showing was an enjoyable and eventful night for students. 

Lipscomb students were given the opportunity to suggest ideas and then vote on the movie to be shown.; Monsters University was the chosen film.

As students drove into the parking lot, Student Activity Board volunteers directed them to spots. Once settled, students were able to grab a sweet treat to eat during the movie at the snack table.

Since this movie is a prequel to Monsters Inc., the story of how the main characters, Mike and Sully, met was greeted with laughter from the audience. Another early scene featuring a chaotic party was compared to Nordista Freeze’s Wednesday Nights We Eat performance during Quest Week by students.

Despite its G-rating and young target audience, Monsters University was the perfect film for the occasion. Its messages of responding with determination and resilience to challenges can easily be motivational to college students who have faced a difficult past year of confusion and disappointment.  

However, those themes are well-balanced with the fun-filled journey the main characters, Mike and Sully, take to turn their college’s most incompetent fraternity into the champions of the Scare Games, a multi-event competition designed to prove who the best scarer is.   

Unfortunately, during the movie’s climax, the screen’s generator ran out of gas, causing Monsters University to cut off suddenly. SGA President Grant Hitchcock communicated the situation by quickly moving from car to car, explaining that a second generator would be up and running soon. About 10 minutes after the first generator went out, the second one powered the screen back up, and the movie was finished successfully.

Despite the difficulty, the evening was met with a positive response.

Freshman Mia Gratzer said, “I would say the movie night was still successful because I had a lot of fun just getting to hang out with people and relax.”

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