In the third day of Singarama shows, “Name and Address” took home the award for best “Blocking and Staging” at Saturday’s matinee performance.

This is the first win for the performers of “Name and Address,” and their director, senior biology student, Vince Law.

“We put a lot of work into the choreography and staging, so it’s a good boost to have going into tonight for sweepstakes,” Law said.

The sweepstakes award is the overall award for performance with the best showmanship and audience appeal. The award will be given at the end of Saturday night’s show.

Law saw the win as a confidence boost for the group that will propel them into the last performance.

“It’s nice to have a confidence boost,” Law said. “It’s exciting to have a little victory. Hopefully tonight we can bring energy and put on the best show that we can.”

The last show is Saturday at 7 p.m. in Collins Alumni Auditorium where the overall winner will be revealed

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Photos by Ben Davis

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