Students have lost more parking due to construction on a new lot alongside Bison Inn and to 11 spaces in the Bison Inn lot now designated to guest and head resident spaces.

There has not been clear communication to Bison Inn residents as to when they are, or are not, allowed to use these spots when guests aren’t filling the rooms in the inn.

“Unless there’s a name in the little slot, you can park here during the day; we just say no overnight parking,” said Bison Inn senior manager Anamarie Knapp. “It may be that somebody’s coming in at seven a.m., and we can’t have a car sitting there for two days.”

Lipscomb University boasts 2,657 spaces for students to park in, but after removing reserved spaces (such as faculty/staff, guest, handicap, head resident spots, compact vehicles, academy students, and VP), the average student can only park in 2,225 of the spots available in lots owned by the university.

In 2016, the university had 4,680 students enrolled, making the student-to-average-parking-spot ratio 2.1:1.

With 2.1 students to each parking space, many students have resorted to parking outside of the lines. Tickets are still given for cars left outside of lines, even if the vehicle is not in an explicit no-parking zone.

“The intent of a ticket is not to collect money, the intent is to correct an action,” head of security Patrick Cameron said. “If I can get you to stop doing what you’re doing by a warning ticket, I’m all for it. The reason for tickets is to prevent people from continuing an action that puts the safety of others at risk.”

Cameron exhorts students to take advantage of the programs security has to offer, such as the shuttle programs for commuters, or Bison Walk.

“The university’s growth has outpaced our parking,” Cameron said. “One of the biggest things we can recommend is for boarding students — we want them to have priority because they live here. Our commuter students — we really need them to utilize our shuttle programs, rather than coming to campus.”

“We’re working very hard to communicate through our new website [and] through our weekly parking emails. We really need folks to pay attention to those,” Cameron said.

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