A new exhibit in Lipscomb’s Hutchenson gallery was announced this past week to kick off the fall season.

The new exhibit titled, “Animators After Dark” features a more dramatic side of the industry experts with works from Tom Bancroft, Tim Hodge, John Pomeroy, and Scott Sava.  These local legends have created some of your favorite films and shows including Veggie Tales, The Lion King, Tom & Jerry, and more. But when the animating ends, these artists go home “after dark” to create their own work. This allows them to express themselves in other mediums without the pressure of deadlines or storyboarding.

“This exhibition showcases what Bancroft, Hodge, Pomeroy, and Sava create in their free moments of artistic exploration. With some of the pieces, you will be able to see a clear parallel to the work that these artists create in their “day job”. For example, Bancroft’s pieces still feature his famous Disney characters and Sava’s pieces feature vibrant illustrations of pop culture characters. But, some of the pieces are a stark contrast to the artists’ animation work,” said Mia Jaye Thomas, program coordinator for the Hutcheson Art Gallery.

While serving as adjunct professors in the animation department, the four professionals featured in the gallery have helped shape the next generation of students at Lipscomb. Through this gallery, the animators hope to showcase the side projects that they work on when they want to explore their own stories. Ultimately, the illustrations, paintings, and sketches are also a chance to inspire their students to create.

“We hope that students and faculty come to see this exhibition (and all of our exhibitions) because we want you all to take advantage of every opportunity that you can to participate in visual arts experiences,” said Thomas. “Our team works year-round to bring the best talent and the highest quality visual arts programming to our campus; experiences that we believe you wouldn’t likely find elsewhere.”

The sketches, paintings, and ink drawings will be on display from September 2nd through October 4th. The gallery is free and open to the public during normal library operating hours. An official opening to commemorate the new gallery will take place at 6 p.m. on September 12th in the Hutcheson Gallery. Everyone is invited to attend.

For more information about future exhibits and events in the Visual Arts department follow @lipscombvisualarts on Instagram.

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