Singarama’s second performance took place Friday on Lipscomb’s campus. “Rise and Fall” took home the award for Friday’s category: voice quality.

This year marked the 55th time Singarama has given students the chance to show off their talent, creativity and leadership that contribute to an amazing show. The show consists of three separate teams competing by producing a small musical and a story. Students delighted the packed auditorium with their well-practiced routines and choreography. The three directors and the responsible for each group’s performance are Christian Foster, Taylor Sain and Vince Law.

The students entertained their audience with unique and humorous storylines and a selection of songs that the public could sing along with. Many people gathered to support the participants. Hosts Peyton Porter, Savannah Stewart, Berkeley Boglin, Hudson Parker, Luke Howard and Madeline McPherson, gave amazing performances that included other songs that the audience recognized. These performances took place between each team’s acts, giving them adequate time to set the stage.

Each performance, teams are judged on a different category. Since “Rise and Fall,” directed by Sain, has taken the lead by winning two nights in a row, it has a chance of winning the final award: sweepstakes. Sain is a senior member of Pi Delta who has participated in Singarama in both 2016 and 2017.

While Singarama is a competition, it is clear that it is about more than just winning. Besides giving the opportunity to students to show their skills, it also brought them new experiences such as being part of a team and having fun with it. Most students say they have gained great memories and friendships over the times they had worked with fellow classmates. It is a fun experience for both students and the audience to capture the energy of Lipscomb students as they showcase their passions through the show.


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Photos by Ben Davis

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