Although the Fall semester has just begun, Lipscomb students are holding on to summer until the end. Lipscomb’s Student Activities Board hosted their annual Lipscomb Luau on Friday afternoon to kick off this year’s activities. The Luau featured upbeat Hawaiian music and a beach volleyball tournament in the sandpit behind Elam Hall.

No matter the competition level, students put together their best players and registered in teams of four.  Each team was also encouraged to create crazy team names and matching uniforms, with “Sandy Cheeks”, “The Hobbits”, and “Fake Tan Squad” being the standouts. This year, the sand volleyball tournament was almost postponed due to rain, but the cloud coverage didn’t put a damper on the fun.

“We just wanted to throw a fun event for new freshman on campus that makes the first weekend of college not as scary,” SAB member Madison Wonders said. “We want people to continue to meet each other, whether they’re playing volleyball or not, to come and grow the community.”

Students were offered grilled chicken, pineapple, and Hawaiian Punch as refreshments throughout the match. The tournament ended full of smiles, laughter, and some friendly competition. The winners, Team Memphis Tiger Basketball Fan Club, received bragging rights and their picture on the SAB Instagram.

View the gallery below to see all the fun from the competition.

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