Lipscomb students collectively raised $3900 for a student-funded scholarship at the third-annual Imagine event, where author Donald Miller and journalist Tom Brokaw were the featured speakers, and rising country singer Abby Anderson performed a set.

Tickets went for $5 minimum apiece. The money went directly to the Make-A-Way scholarship fund, which was started by junior Ralston Drake to help lower-income high school students afford Lipscomb. An anonymous donor paid for 125 student tickets.

Miller told the students in attendance to ask themselves bold questions about their lives.

“You’ll find that the people that really change the world are people that, whether they know it or not, they get up in the morning and ask, ‘What if?’”

Interviewed on the Student Activity Center stage by senior journalism major Lindsey Nance, Brokaw reminisced on some of the highlights and tough moments of his career at NBC. He told students to “use intelligence, not emotion” when trying to make a difference in the world.

“Rage is not a policy,” he said. “If you want to change the country, it’s tough, you’ve got to organize.”

He advised the audience to be careful with information found online. “You should put as much effort into determining the truth of what you read on the Internet as you do into buying a new flatscreen television,” he said.

fter Brokaw spoke to students, he addressed donors in Allen Arena at the invite-only main event of the evening. There, President Randy Lowry announced that the College of Business received a record $23 million gift from a group of donors who wish to remain anonymous.

That money will go toward new facilities for the college, including a parking structure and improvements to the study-abroad campus in Florence, Italy, according to the University press release.

Photo by Kim Chaudoin

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