Although Davidson County’s COVID-19 policies don’t look that much different from when students left campus last November, Lipscomb’s plan for this semester has a few significant changes. 

The first major change for students this semester will be the required testing for students. Lipscomb revealed this plan to students via email on Dec. 18 from the Incident Management Team of Lipscomb. 

“I’ve really enjoyed hearing that everybody had to be tested to come back to campus. I felt like it left no discrepancy. It kind of puts everyone on a level playing field of being healthy and getting to start the semester off on a better note,” Freshman, Madison Schomer.

“I think it’s great that they’re being so cautious. I’m a nursing student so I get to see what covid looks like first hand and I’m proud to go to a school that takes it so seriously. I’m ready to be back to normal and by being so cautious, we will be back to normal life faster. I think the testing before coming back requirement is crucial in avoiding people bringing it to campus,” said Junior Nursing Major Kaelyn Miller.

Below we’ve answered some questions that students might be wondering. 

What if I already had COVID? 

If you tested positive for COVID-19 within the last three months (or on or after Oct. 18) you don’t have to get retested. You can instead upload your positive test results to Med Proctor. 

What if I’m a commuter student? 

You still must get tested to come on campus as a commuter student. For testing, locations click here

“Sure it was annoying to have done, but I can see where they’re coming from, wanting to mandate it. However, I believe that if someone had just wanted to forego getting tested that they should have the right to do that too. I also feel that if the school is the one wanting to ensure all students test negative for COVID, then the school should give the option to students to get tested at the health center on campus as well,” Senior Health Sciences Major, Hannah Jamerson.

What happens if my results don’t come back in time? 

Per the information sheet concerning COVID testing: “Students should prepare for any unexpected delays in their COVID-19 test results and make plans to study from home until their PCR COVID-19 test result is received.” 

“Of course there is always the chance that someone could slip through the cracks, but I felt like it was very thorough – I mean being tested within five days of returning and having to get that answer to even walk on campus and go to your dorm building,” said Madison Schomer.

In addition to this initial test, students living on campus will be randomly selected and required to be tested for COVID-19 throughout the semester.

According to Lipscomb’s return to campus plan, “selected individuals will be notified via their Lipscomb email account and all tests will be conducted by the Lipscomb University Health Center at no cost to the patient.”  

“It’s smart to be more proactive about COVID testing and It was a good idea to have students present a negative test within the last 5 days prior to returning to school. That way Lipscomb can start things off on the right foot.”

“I think they are doing what they can to keep students on campus which has pros and cons… it’s healthy for students to have social interaction again but also tricky to keep everyone healthy. With keeping us on campus, I think the required masks, social distancing, and increased testing are great precautions. It is definitely less social on campus, but that is to be expected,” said  Junior Psychology Major, Bella Culp.

In a similar fashion to the fall semester, Spring Break won’t take place until later in the semester from April 12 to 16 and classes will switch to remote afterward. Per the All Bisons Care Plan for Spring 202, “Because of the expected trend in the COVID-19 cases for the spring semester, beginning April 19 all remaining undergraduate classes and final exams will be remote.” 

The plan also noted that there will be three Bison Break Days this semester on Feb. 10, March 2, and March 25.

If you want to know more about Lipscomb’s COVID protocols for this semester you can find the All Bisons Care Plan here: Or if you have specific questions you can email

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