Allen Arena was crowded with predominantly Bison fans for Thursday night’s edition of the Battle of the Boulevard. But the Belmont faithful traveled two miles down the road, took over a couple of sections and made their presence known.

The trip down Belmont Boulevard paid off, as the Bruins (3-0) beat the Bisons (2-1) by a score of 87-83.

The Bisons nearly overcame a 19-point deficit, but a late-game turnover with nine seconds left prevented that from happening.

“They didn’t do anything at all that surprised us,” Lipscomb coach Casey Alexander said. “And I’m sure we didn’t do anything at all that surprised them. That’s just…it’s a matter of who executes the best, and that’s usually the team that wins.”

Senior guard Garrison Mathews finished with a team-high 27 points for Lipscomb. Read Spencer Boehme’s full recap HERE.

Photos by McKenzi Harris

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