The tradition of Halloweek dodgeball remained strong at Friday night’s SAB tournament, despite an era of social distancing and masks causing a switch-up for the Lipscomb favorite. This year’s dodgeball tournament was moved to Allen Arena to better socially distance.

This year’s winners were the “Belmont Boys,” a group of five Lipscomb sophomores aiming to poke fun at our neighbors up the boulevard.

“It feels good. We worked really hard and put a lot of work into this, we came prepared and we got the job done,” said the group after their win. The “Belmont Boys” are comprised of Greyson Isenberg, Cody Neill, Blake Crockett, Jeffrey Martin and Jackson Tate.

“It really just comes down to execution. We had a plan, so we came out and got the job done.”

A gallery of the event, including groups dressed as grandmas, yoga enthusiasts and rednecks, can be found below.

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