The fanfare of student elections has not quite come to a close at Lipscomb. The 2021-2022 SGA election finished Tuesday afternoon with both new officers and three run-off races to be held tomorrow.

Students running for office this year showcased their wishful policies such as amending the alcohol policy, amplifying diversity, and even a campus-wide formal dance. Ultimately the big-ticket race of Executive President came down to two candidates: Donovan Ross and Grant Hitchcock.

Ross and Hitchcock will face off tomorrow, April 6. Other runoff races will include Senior Class President (Chase Cate and Grace Davis) and Sophomore Class President (Meti Regaa and Madison Schomer).

As of today, the newly elected officers are as following:

Executive Vice President

Liz McKell

Executive Secretary

Angie Medina

Senior Vice President

Grant Bobo

Senior Coordinator

Emily Keeling

Junior President

Isadora Koch

Junior Vice President

Audrey Tsague

Sophomore Vice President

Garner Harsh

Sophomore Coordinator

Hannah Chessman

Lumination will continue to keep you updated with the 2020-2021 SGA election

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