Yesterday at the gathering, 4 students from the Bahamas spoke about how Hurricane Dorian damaged their country and then gave ways for other students to be of help to the Bahamas. 

The Bahamas are off the coast of Florida and the capital, Nassau island is where these 4 students are from. 

This all started when The National Hurricane Center issued a state of a tropical depression on August 24th, but 6 days later the storm intensified and developed into a category 5 hurricane.

The hurricane hit both the Abaco and Grand Bahama islands. The record-breaking hurricane passed Nassau but has left many of the Bahamian people who evacuated homeless and displaced on the island. The death count from the hurricane has unofficially continued to rise past the 100 marks and will only continue to rise as there are still many people missing and unidentified. 

The estimated damage to the Bahamas is in the billions. Lipscomb is offering opportunities to donate to the Bahamas through its website as well as through phone calls. 

Celea Brown prayed for the Bahamas and over the Bahamian people saying,

“Dear God,

We know that the Bahamas are a place where you live, we know that your people worship you and you are the center of our entire life. God, I pray for the spirit of restoration, the spirit of peace, the spirit of miracles on my Bahama land and my people. God, I just thank you for this entire student body. I pray Father God that as you listen to our story, that you become a way that they can give to us. And we pray father God that anything that they give may be given back to them in 100 fold. God, I just thank you for my Bahama land and the people of this Lipscomb family. I pray that you will continue to guide bless and keep us.

In Jesus name, I pray, 


Image from the National Hurricane Center.

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