This week Lipscomb University saw an increase in positive COVID-19 cases.

The school reported 85 tests were administered by the Lipscomb Health Center, and there were 13 positive tests with zero hospitalizations. Of the tests administered, 29 were employees, 57 were university students and 41 were academy students.

The University website states that “the increase in the number of COVID tests this week is due to testing over 40 student-athletes in accordance with an NCAA COVID testing requirement.”

“Last week we shared with you that while our fall semester started strong, we have been carefully watching our trends increase in the wrong direction in the last few weeks,” stated President Lowry in an email to the Lipscomb community this morning. “And, over the weekend and even into Monday’s daily reports, we have seen a continued and marked increase in the COVID-19 statistics among our community. As a matter of fact, we have seen a doubling of our total number in isolation and quarantine in the last three weeks.”

As the weeks continue, the Lipscomb staff hopes for the number of COVID-19 cases to go down and continue efforts to manage the illness on campus.

“While the Lipscomb community numbers are not a large percentage of our community, they are a concerning trend that if left unaddressed can very quickly result in the need for larger community-wide actions,” said Assistant Vice President of Public Relations and Communications, Kim Chaudoin. “Our goal is to take serious note of the increases on our campus and address them now while they are still manageable and generally a situation that we all can help mitigate.”

“This is a good opportunity to remind everyone to resolve to do our part and to be vigilant in following the COVID safety protocols,” said Kim Chaudoin. “Wear a mask. Stay physically distanced from others. Wash your hands often. Stay away from large groups on or off-campus to minimize the risk of infection. And if you are sick — stay home and report your illness quickly on the Report an Illness link found on our website.”

Positive tests have been administered by Lipscomb Health Center or another medical facility, but the hospitalizations are self-reported.

The total numbers include individuals who, during the week of October 3-9, were in isolation due to a positive case or are in quarantine due to exposure to a positive case.

Employee data includes both University and Academy employees.

President Lowry’s email suggested that Lipscomb students and faculty follow these guidelines.

  • Wear a mask.
  • Practice physical distancing.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Be cautious and deliberate when out in the community.
  • Stay home when you are sick or are experiencing COVID symptoms.

“We must maintain our vigilance to follow our COVID safety protocols,” said Lowry. “We recognize that we are growing weary after several months of following these protocols and of the impact this has had on academic and student life. But we have come too far together successfully as the Bison Herd to back down now. We are doing this for both the health of our community and to be able to remain in-person and on-campus through the Thanksgiving break.”

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