As COVID-19 cases are on the rise both at Lipscomb and in Nashville, Lipscomb has announced a change in plans regarding the last few weeks of the semester. 

It had previously been noted that all students would be given the option to return to campus when classes go virtual after Thanksgiving break.

Now, Lipscomb’s administration is asking all students to remain at home following the break. This announcement was made on Nov. 17 in a letter from Al Sturgeon, Lipscomb’s vice president of Student Life and dean of students. 

“While we are going to make it to Thanksgiving break this weekend with on-campus living and learning,” he said in the email. (But) “The executive leadership team at Lipscomb met on Monday morning and determined that, as conditions worsen across the U.S. and our region, and given the increased risks posed by travel over the holiday break, it is best for residential students to remain home following the Thanksgiving break.”

The email also states that the administration recognizes that this last-minute change is particularly inconvenient to students who were planning to return to campus after the Thanksgiving holiday. However, according to the email, the administration believes  it is the best way to keep the Lipscomb community as safe as possible while COVID-19 cases continue to increase. 

“We believe this change is in the best interest of student health, will limit possible coronavirus exposure to others in the Lipscomb community and will also put us in a better position to have a successful spring semester,” said Sturgeon. 

Only students with extenuating circumstances will be allowed to reside on campus after the break, and they must complete applications to be permitted to do so. For example, international students and those with internships or jobs in the Nashville area will be allowed to return to campus. 

After Thanksgiving break, classes will resume on a remote basis up until final exams, which are scheduled to take place online from Dec. 11 through Dec. 16. 

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