An incident occurred involving a man getting severely injured outside a residence close to Lipscomb’s campus on Thursday night. As a result of his injuries, the man died after being transported to the hospital.

The incident began across the street near the intersection of Shackleford Road and Granny White Pike. Erin Duruelle, an individual who lives across the street, posted to NextDoor last night about the incident.

In a post titled “Severe Trespassing in Green Hills Home,” Duruelle went on to describe the incident that left her “in shock.”

“A police officer showed up at my home in Green Hills reporting that man had impaled himself on my back wrought iron gate and lost his pants in the process,” Durelle wrote. “He bled walking from my backyard to our courtyard (naked the entire time) and bled profusely before walking back to the gate and leaving.”

Duruelle reported she was unaware of the incident until she was alerted by police.

“There is blood everywhere in my courtyard and I am in shock…He was found, but I never thought this would have happened on my property here.”

Lipscomb Vice President of Public Relations Kim Chaudoin provided a statement on behalf of the university:

“The university is so sorry for the loss and hope he is identified soon so that his family can be notified,” Chaudoin said. “Our prayers are with them.”

Lipscomb student Destiny Talatham was stuck in the traffic caused by the incident.

“I see Patrick Cameron on the pond side with a flash light and [he] seemed to be searching for something on the pond hillside,” Talatham said, recalling her view of the incident.

“And then there was a cop searching with a civilian on the house fence sides searching as well, and when I passed the whole scene, it really did look terrifying that they were searching the yard and our campus.”

Lumination will have more on this story as it is developing. 

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