Because of the uncertainty and threat of COVID-19, Lipscomb students will be given the option of staying home after Thanksgiving and taking their exams on-line rather than in-person at the end of the fall semester.

Classes will begin Aug. 24, with the last day of finals Dec. 16, according to the university.

“The fall semester will continue with on-campus classes until Thanksgiving break,” according to the Lipscomb Return to Campus web page. “In an effort to be both mindful of additional travel expenses and individual student health concerns, students will have the option of staying home after Thanksgiving break and completing the last week of classes and finals remotely.”

“I think it’s a good idea, I’d rather be safe than sorry,” said senior public relations student Makena Sneed. “There are a lot of students who have to travel, and considering all the travel restrictions there are right now — I’m not sure how the numbers will continue to trend — but virtual finals sound like a great idea.”

“I think it could allow for some really great learning opportunities and allow students to flourish in ways that they aren’t usually able to with a regular exam schedule at Lipscomb,” said Sneed.

Move-in for new students is scheduled over three days this year, Aug. 14-16.

Quest week and new student orientation will look the same as in the past for the most part, taking place on Aug. 17-23.

Fall graduation is still planned as an on-campus event on December 19. But Lipscomb will continue to monitor the regional guidelines to determine if an in-person event can be held at that time.

The Return to Campus page also describes how the university, faculty and students will work together to enhance personal safety in the COVID age.

Some of the campus safety protocols include physical distancing, increased hand-washing with new hand sanitizer stations, universal use of masks and face covering and daily temperature screening.

“I’m definitely comfortable with it [wearing masks], I know its an inconvenience for everyone,” said Sneed. “Just considering how we’ve seen the numbers tick in Nashville specifically, as well as the way the world is looking right now.

“I know a couple of people who are affected by coronavirus right now, and it seems like this thing is not going away anytime soon,” said Sneed. “So I have no problems with wearing the masks on campus whether in a class of on campus.”

The school guidelines read that “each work environment will be evaluated for appropriate changes needed for the health and safety of our community members.”

For more information on Lipscomb’s plan to “Return to Campus” visit or click here.

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