Forty students ran for 27 open office positions on next year’s Student Government Association (SGA).

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic that closed campus, this year’s elections were held via e-mail.

Five additional senator positions representing the freshman class will be filled when the new students arrive to Lipscomb in the fall.

Below is a list of the SGA office position winners.

Check back for interviews with the new SGA officers.

Executive Officers:
President: Mimi Vance
Vice President: Dexter Woods
Secretary: Rylee Russell
Treasurer: Grant Lander

Senior Class Senators:
Chloe Allen
Adelia Birdwell
Elliot Forst
Ellis Osburn
Erin Stanley

Junior Class Senators:
Grant Bobo
Grace Davis
Carson Freund
Megan Hinerman
Grant Hitchcock

Sophomore Class Senators:
Adele Brothers
Dumebi Ene
Liz McKell
Angie Medina Galeaz
Hannah Mulzer

At-Large Senators:
Madi Ford
Will Huff
Lorena Maury
Mackenzie McConnell
Nate Messer
Fiona O’Neal
Donovan Ross
Patrick Smith

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