On Tuesday night, Lipscomb showed “The Theater of Life,” a documentary about Italian chef Massimo Bottura’s attempt to feed the world.

Unfortunately, the audience at this event did not meet the amount of people that was expected. Only a few students made an appearance minutes after the documentary started.

The hostess decided to wait for more viewers before continuing with the initial plan. Just three students decided to tag along and watch.

Bottura’s vision was to open a soup kitchen and treat the homeless with tasty meals and comfort.

The food they collected was mainly generated from the Milan Expo of 2015. Bottura wanted to end the food waste situation while helping others in the process.

He transformed an abandoned theater in the district of Greco into a gourmet restaurant for the homeless and other nearby shelters. The space, called the Refettorio Ambrosiano, would accommodate around 90 guests.

The goal was to send a message that food can never be a waste to the homeless or anyone who needs it.

“We open our home to make them feel part of our society,” Bottura said. One couple featured in the documentary scrapes by selling bracelets, always wishing for a home.

Refettorio is still running and with the same purpose. Massimo Bottura plans to continue to open more spaces around the world that welcome the most needed. 

The sparsely attended event took place in Stowe Hall. Theater of Life is available on Netflix. 

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