There is a new way on campus to receive Amazon packages: Amazon Locker.

Located next to Starbucks in the Bennett Campus Center, the bright yellow locker, labeled Karlek, is hard to miss.

To use the locker, first, go to and enter your location to see the Amazon Lockers near you. Second, add the locker to your Amazon address book. Then, when you shop and place an order, you will have the option to send the delivery to the Amazon Locker. When the delivery arrives, you will receive a code from Amazon to enter on the locker kiosk to retrieve your delivery.

When your item arrives, you have 3 business days to pick up the delivery or it will be returned to Amazon. If your item is eligible, you can even return it through the Amazon Locker.

Anybody can use the lockers, not just Prime members. Unfortunately, there is a limitation on the size of the object you can have delivered to the Amazon Locker, since the largest lockers are only the size of a kitchen cabinet. You also cannot order anything from the kiosk itself. It is strictly for inputting your delivery code.

“You can get in the lockers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is pretty neat,” Walker Cheatham, an employee of the campus post office, said.

“The locker was supposed to be running today (Friday), but due to the weather it has been delayed to opening up on Monday or Tuesday,” Walker added. Starting next week, you can start using the Amazon Locker for all your Amazon deliveries.

Click here for more information about the Amazon locker.

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